Frequently Asked Questions


What is TieMeIn?

TieMeIn is a platform for singles to efficiently connect to love coaches and matchmakers to transform their life from the inside out and find the right partner faster. Its very similar to uber or Airbnb but for the love industry.

What currency does TieMeIn use?

TieMeIn uses USD. The majority of the customers reside North America and it is easy for them to compare the expenses (as USD is a global currency)

How much will it cost me?

Every situation is unique so it is hard to provide an estimate of how much it might cost you. The easiest way to know is to request quotes through our web platform or mobile app. The specialists will review your request and provide an estimate based on your estimate. Pricing varies among the specialists on our platform. Specialists are independent and each Specialist has full control of their rates.

Payment for your service is strictly through our TieMeIn website. Your membership is free and it does not cost you a dime to request quotes. Our paid membership is only for love coaches and matchmakers.

How do TieMeIn help me?

TieMeIn website and mobile helps to find the right specialist for your love need. You can browse the love coaches and matches and get connected. In addition, you can request providing your requirement. The request is sent to seasoned love coaches or matchmakers. Your request is sent to all specialists in our directory and shortly you will get personalized offers.  The services of these specialists are tested and have helped hundreds of singles like you to find the right partner and desired relationship.

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How does the payment processing work?

You can pay for the services using our web application ( and we use payment provider Stripe for payment processing. In the future phase of the mobile app, we will incorporate payments.

How does TieMeIn make money?

To run our platform and service you better, we charge a service fee per transaction you make. Also, we have membership plans for service providers that provide you higher limits and more capabilities.

Does it cost to register to your system?

All users created through the mobile app are free and they get free membership. There are no fees involved. However, we have membership options if they signup through our web application ( In the future phase of the mobile app, we will incorporate membership options.

What is the method of consultation or service?

The method of consultation or service depends on the service provider. Once the client selects/hires the service provider, our web app ( shares the contact information (phone number) with each of them. In the future phase, we will upgrade our mobile apps to incorporate video calls so that clients and service providers can communicate through the mobile apps.

Mobile Apps

What can I do with the mobile app?

The current version of the mobile (Android and iOS) app allows you to set up your account and detailed profile.

As a single, you can submit the service requests. As a service provider, you can setup your rates.

Does the mobile app contain paid contents or services?

The current version of the mobile app does not have paid content or services. As a single, you can pay for a service they need (ie matchmaking -> love life review) using your selected love coach or matchmaker currently through our web application (  There is not paid content for our company. 

How can I communicate to other TieMeIn users?

The current version of the mobile app won’t allow the service provider and the user to communicate using text or in-app messaging.  However, they can communicate with each other through our web app ( The mobile app will only allow users and service providers to view the in-app messages. In the future phase, we will incorporate features so that users and service providers can communicate using in-app messages.